Easy rider tours

Riding with our team through the rainforests, mountains, countryside roads, visiting local people, ethnic groups and stopping at the local restaurants to enjoy real Vietnamese meals are the focus of our tours. IMG_2046 A few examples of HoiAn Easy Riders Tour packages Tours to the south of Vietnam:
  • 10 Days: Danang or Hoi An – Daklei by Ho Chi Minh Trail – Kontum Pleiku – Buon Ma Thout – Lak Village – Nha Trang – Dalat – Saigon – Mekong Delta
  • 6 Days: Danang or Hoi An – Daklei by Ho Chi Minh Trail – Kontum Pleiku -Buon Ma Thout – Lak Village – Nha Trang
  • 1 Day: Hoi An – My Son – Marble Mountains – China Beach
Tours to the north of Vietnam
  • 8 Days: Ha Noi via Hai Van Pass – Lang Co Beach – Elephant Springs – Hue – DMZ – Phong Nha Cave – Ninh Binh 4 Days: Vinh Via: Hue DMZ Tour – Donghoi (Phong Nha Cave)
  • 2 Days: Hue via Ho Chi Minh Trail
  • 1 Day: Hue via: Havian Pass – Langco Village (oneway or return)
These are just some of the options. Please contact us with your requirements so that we can provide you the best service and most memorable tour experience. We are also happy to pick you up from anywhere in Vietnam. Prices for 2016 touring season(From January 1st to December 31st 2016) in United States Dollars: Standard bike option (beginners or novice riders ok), Honda GL160 Light trail bike upgrade (Novice or experienced riders ok. We stopped using this model for guided tours after June 30th 2010 as spare parts are extremely expensive and it`s underpowered. Rentals for unguided trips are still available), Honda XL125, Honda XL250
Number of riders in the group
1 2 3 4 or more riders
Cost per person per day (in USD)
$95 $85 $75 $70
All accommodation including hotel rooms and entrance fees on the road are included. The cost of food is shared and paid 50% by HoiAn Easy Riders Tour and 50% by you as we travel on the road and stop and try many of the different local specialties.