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Mr. Campbell McNair (Ong Map!) come from Australia (19/1/2010)

Do this tour with the Hoi An Easy riders Tour. It is that simple. I booked a 7 day tour from Dalat to Hue via Vinh Moc from 3 January 2010 to 10 January 2010. It was a (hopefully not) once in a lifetime experience. Our guides, Chris Nguyen and Hung were the most safe, knowledgable, funny and professional tour guides I have ever met. The best thing about the tour is that you go so far off the beaten track, meet genuine local people and eat all of the local produce. The accomodation Chris Nguyen and Hung booked for us was extremely good, all with aircon. Quite simply, it was the best value for money part of our holiday. If I had have known that it was going to be this good, I would have organised the rest of my holiday to accomodate it. Thanks again Chris Nguyen and Hung , you were the best.

Nathan Bentley, Nashville, Tennessee, USA – 24. February to 27. February 2010

I met Nam in Hoi An. He showed me the Easyrider Website which gave good information about Nam and the company. Nam has 10 years experience as a guide. I originally booked a three day tour but was having a great time so I decided to ride an extraday.
We started in Hoi An, went to Prao the first day. Second day we drove through the mountains toward Laos and ended the day next to Hamburger Hill. Riding the Ho Chi Minh Trail was an excellent experience! The third day we went to Baco minority village. The road was very fun to drive! We arrived to Hue and visited the citadel. It was good to have Nam with me in Hue because the Pedicabs and motor taxis didn’t bother me! Day four went drove the Hai Van Pass which is absolutely amazing!! On the way back to Danang we also visited Elefant waterfall. Nam was very kind and ended my trip at the train station. His company is not to be confused with Danang Easy Rider. Hoi An Easy Rider is the real deal and will exceed your  expectations! They will take great care of you. Nam took me to local places and did the talking to get cheap prices on food and drink. I definetly recommend this trip! It was the best thing I have done in three month in Asia! Nathan Bentley, Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Anne / France / 02-2010 (Hoi An – Ha Noi – Nha Trang / 25 days)

" These 3500km on the roads through Viet Nam with Nam Nguyen were amazing! That was the great motorbike trip I even made in my life since I traveled. It was adventure and freedom. "

Chris Conner from Canada 11/02/2010

First things first: Nam Nguyen is not trying to scam you or take your money, you are safe with him. My name is Chris and I'm a 25 year old civil engineer from Canada. I just finished the Hoi An City Tour and the 2 day trip to Hue via the Ho Chi Minh Trail. Both were Amazing. You will get the following if you decide to use Nam Nguyen: SAFETY - His bike is in good shape and in 3 days i never once felt in danger. SERVICE - Nam Nguyen cleaned my silverwear, buckled my helmut and stopped where ever I wanted. FOOD - Nam Nguyen knows amazing local restaurants at dirt cheap prices, he picked my food for me for 3 days and I did not have a bad meal or spend more than 25,000 dong. THE REAL VIETNAM - Doing the 2 day trip to Hue was one of my best travel experiences to date. The country is beautiful and the best way to see it is from a motorcycle. The wind in your face and the ability to look around, Plus he will stip whenever you want for photos. The minority groups you will see are real. The don't try to sell you anything - they just want to come and say hello. They are easily the friendliest people I have seen in my travels. If you don't take the tour with Nam Nguyen you will not see the real Vietnam. For the price of a pair of nice pants you can have something you will never forget, Don't worry about the money. Just do it!! Thank you so much Nam Nguyen.

Susan og Mie 16 March , 2010

Tak Nam og Anh. Det har vaeret nogle vidunderlige dage vi har haft sammen.Vi har oplevet saa utroligt meget og I har passet virkelig godt paa os, med gode hoteller, fantastisk mad og forsigtig koersel i bjergene. Vi har set hvordan vietnameserne lever i deres smaa landsbyer.Vi har besoegt en familie der lavede rispapir og vi fik selv lov til at proeve. Vi har besoegt landsbyskoler, vi har badet i vandfald og set de smukkeste bjerge og soeer. Alt i alt har det vaeret nogle fantastiske dage, som vi aldrig vil glemme. Jeg kan med hele mit hjerte anbefale at tage med Hoi an EasyRidersTour. Tror ikke der findes en bedre maade at se Vietnam paa end paa motorcykel med Hoi an EasyRidersTour. Susan og Mie, Denmark

Hayley & Lissa / Sydney – Australia / 04-2010 (Hoi An -Ho Chi Minh trail-Central Highlands -Nha Trang / 5 days)

" Thank you for an educational & eye-opening tour into the life & cultures of Viet Nam. You definitely know the ins & outs of your beautiful country and each one of your stories are informative and interesting. Nam Nguyen - you are ROCK !!!"

Jo and Leo from New Zealand 18/04/2010

Hoi An day trip and then Hoi An - Hue. Wow what a great way to see the countryside and get to all the sights. We are travelling as a family of 5 (kids 14, 13 and 7). We decided to do a day trip around Hoi An. Awesome day even though it was raining. We felt very safe burning around the country!! Cruising through rice paddies and through some amazing villages! A great way to really get into the culture. Saw all the sights - in our own time, no waiting for others. Had a fabulous lunch as well. Decided after such a great experience to travel to Hue with them also. Children and bags - what a great way to go. Regular stops and some great photo opportunities. The Elephant water springs was the best stop ever! The kids had a great time jumping off the rocks and swimming in the cool rock pools. Very helpful too. Our hotel we wanted was all booked out, so they helped us find another. Couldn't recommend them highly enough. Excellent and very trustworthy!! Thanks Guys, Jo & Leo.

Eveline & Claudia / Switzerland / 07 – 2010 (Hoi An – Ha Noi / 15 days)

" Nam taught Claudia to ride a big motorcycle in just 2 hours. There is not enough place here to tell, but only, try it by yourself! And have fun! He's the best way to discover Viet Nam. "

Ms. Erin and Graham come from Canada (19/7/2010)

In March 2010 my husband and I did an 8 day trip with Nam Nguyen and Hanh from Hoi An to the Phong Nha caves. This was by far the highlight of our entire trip to South east Asia! We had so many amazing experiences we would not have had if we traveled any other way. We met wonderful local people, learned about their culture and industries, ate delicious food, and saw beautiful scenery, especially along the Ho Chi Minh trail. Nam Nguyen and Hanh are also what made our trip so special. They are so warm and friendly, and because of them local people would often invite us into their homes. They always made us feel safe and comfortable and are very fun to travel with. They provided such an interesting perspective, allowing us to learn so much more about Vietnam. I HIGHLY recommend taking a trip with them! You`ll never be able to have such an authentic trip through Vietnam by any other means!

Pete Buntins Grafton / August 23rd 2010

Nam is lucky happy man. He was born and lives in a beautiful place of marble mountain. Beautiful family and he rides his motorbike for a job. Knows history and culture of his country. Reliable and trustworthy. Jolly good bloke!! Pete Buntins Grafton. Beware the fake easy riders!! Nam Hoi An easy rider tour is the real deal.

Press & Most & Richard & John & John / U.K & U.S.A (Sai Gon – Hue / 10-2010)

" Nam Nguyen the Man is a legend! A perfect ambassador for this wonderful country. This was my first trip ever on a motorbike. I'll never forget the best holiday I have ever had. This definitely already goes down as the best vacation I have ever taken. Nam Nguyen, I can't thank you enough for this wonderful adventures. I'll remember this trip forever. "

Sarah / October 5th 2010

Today has been a special treat. Our hostel in Ho Chi Minh (Ngoc Thao Guesthouse) told us about Hoi An Easy Riders Tour. I am so thankful for this recommendation! We only had 12 hours in DaNang and touring for the day with Nam has made the most of our short trip! Thanks to Nam we were able to go to Hoi An and see more of beautiful Vietnam! I was a little nervous at first (since we are 3 women travelling alone) but Nam Nguyen and his crew have taken such great care of us! They have gone over the top to make us comfortable while allowing us to truly experience a part of Vietnam. I wish we had more time so we could take a longer tour; I think it would be well worth it! This has been such a fun day and I hope that Nam and some of his other Easy Riders will consider us some of his new American friends! I highly recommend this tour and these guys! Thank you Nam, it has been wonderful!

Your friend Sarah OR, USA (living in Beijing) These guys are the real Easy Riders! Black jackets with a Hoi An Easy Riders Tour logo!

Steffen – Maerz – 12. Maerz 2010

Ich war mit Nam auf eine 4-Tages-Tour durchs zentrale Hochland (My Son, Phuoc Son, Kontum) unterwegs, hatte mein eigenes Bike von Hoi An Easy Riders (Honda Chooper) und Nam als Tour Guide. Ich kann die Tour uneingeschraenktweiterempfehlen, da Nam mir das echte Vietnam gezeigt hat – in 4 Tagen habe ich 2 Touris gesehen. Abgesehen von der unfassbar beeindruckenden Landschaft (Dschungel, Ananas-Plantage, etc.) habe ich auch die Hinterlassenschaften des Vietnam-Krieges gesehen ( Napalm verseuchte Landstriche, Son My Massaker). Abends nahm mich Nam mit zu seinen Stammlokalitaeten (BBQ, Pool-Billiard, …) Das Bike war cool, die Unterkuenfte pragmatisch und das Essen grossartig!! Fazit: Mein Highlight in 3 Wochen Vietnam!

Mr. Jem Pumford come from UnitedKingdom (10/12/2010)

WOW...where do I start!!! Being a backpacker on a tight budget I was cautious as to whether I could afford a days trip around Hoi An BUT... I am so pleased I made the right decision and took the day out with Chris Nguyen.. First of all Chris Nguyen is a true gentleman in every sence of the word and a wealth of knowledge being able to answer every question i asked. From the very start of the day Chris Nguyen explained so many things...things that you would never learn on a mini bus tour with a dozen other people!! And this continued throughout the day. Having a personal guide has been amazing and Im still buzzing from the sights, sounds, smells and emotions the day with Chris Nguyen has left me with. I CAN NOT RECCOMMEND THESE GUYS HIGHLY ENOUGH!! From the pogoda to the mountain views, to the coffee plantations and the coffee types and the waterfalls, to the tea plantations and the rice wiskey, to the rural people and their crafts, to the history of Vietnam, Chris Nguyen educated me and has enlightened me to the true beauty of the area and his country. Being on the bike was just amazing, being able to stop where ever and when ever I wanted to take photos. THIS TOUR IS ONE NOT TO MISS..!!! A day I will remember for ever along with a friendship I will value for life. Thank you Chris Nguyen and thank you Easy Riders. A great concept and genuine experience that deserves success (DO NOT BE FOOLED BY THE MANY COPY CATS WHO ONLY TRY AND EMULATE THE REAL EASY RIDERS) - THANK YOU GUYS!!!!(In perspective I couldn`t even get a taxi down Oxford Street in London for the price - and certainly would not have come away with so many fantstic memories and experiences - with all respect to London taxi drivers!!!)Thanks again guys and and especially Chris Nguyen. THANK YOU

Ms. AnNa come from UnitedStates (2/1/2011)

Greetings fellow tourists!! I have taken several trips with chris Nguyen Pagoda since 2008. I came back in 2010 and went with him to the Central Highlands, Cat Tien National Park, Nha Trang and Mui Ne over a 12-day period. I traveled throughout Vietnam (and all of SE Asia) by bus/plane in the past, but since I met him in Dalat, I hope I never travel any other way again. He speaks excellent English, is a very safe driver, full of local knowledge and has a great sense of humor. I have worked in tourism for many years and he`s a real master. You`ll have the time of your life! So, put away your Lonely Planet and let him take you to places they`ve never heard of. Contact him directly by email at: Thanks again, Trung Pagoda. I`ll be back again next year for a month-long trip from Hoi An to Sapa! AnNa/USA

Dear Nam ( January 6th – 11th 2011 )

The best thing that happened on this trip was meeting you in Hoi An, and deciding to take a trip with you. Once we had spent a day travelling with you, Trang and Hai, we knew that this was the way to really see Vietnam, and that we should come back and spend more time with you. The trip has been great. thank you for arranging everything so wonderfully, and for taking care of us all. We will miss you when we return to Sydney, but we hope to be back soon so we can see you again. Of course if you ever come to Sydney you must stay with us. The thing that made the trip really special was getting to know you and the other riders. We had lots of fun together, and felt like webecame one big family – laughing, teasing and having good times together. Some of the places we saw were amazing, and we will send you lots of good photos. It was also great to be able to actually go into minority villages, and other places away from the main roads, to see how some of the people live. Thanks for taking me and Arn to meet your wife and baby. We felt honoured that you decided to do that. Thanks also for telling us some of your history, and sharing your thoughts and dreams for the future. Good luck with everything you want to do. Until we meet again, travel safely, keep your eyes on the road and not on the road and not on the nice motorbikes and girls passing by, and good luck. All our love and best wishes Kathy, Arn, Will and Roly. PS. Thanks for the present’s, nice dinners and everything you did for us. Hand written letter sent from Australia

Dean, Justin, Leon, Aaron, Pete / Australia & England (Hoi An – Sai Gon / 03 – 2011)

" Nam, you are the man!! We wanted to experience the true, authentic Viet Nam adventure, and you made it happen for us. Excellent customer service from Nam, we will certainly recommend you to all our friends. "

Top Gear Boys: Glenn, David, Andy, Jim “Chicken”, Colein, Filks, Wolf, Phil, Chalky, Ramil / Australia (Hoi An – Sai Gon / 03-2011)

" We are a group of 10 riding the "Top Gear" tour from Hoi An to Sai Gon via Central Highlands. Nam Nguyen the Man was a great guide ensuring we arrived safely. We will be coming back. "

Bob Utecht & Jebadiah Utecht / U.S.A / 10-03-2011 (Hoi An – Hoi An / 8 days)

" Eight days and 1.500km, sun, rain, mountains, oceans, jungles, fields, rice paddies, cows, goats, chickens, water-buffalo, and crazy bus drivers...and through it all NAM was there to keep us safe. Without exaggeration, this has been one of the best vacations of my life. I will never forget it. Thank you NAM ! Jeb has said it all! I have been riding bikes for 40 years and have never had so much fun as with NAM's tour. I was here in 1969 in the U.S Army and it was wonderful to see Viet Nam from the ground and to see the country much healed and the people still warm and friendly.! I plan on coming back next year and NAM will be the first person I will contact, my mother never treated me so well as he did. "

Randi / Denmark / 07-2011 (Hoi An – Ha Noi / 10 days)

" The best part was the beautiful scenery on the Hochiminh Trail. Nam Nguyen is different because he is serious about his business and he is a honesty man. Nam Nguyen is the Man for your tour no doubt about that. "

Jenny from Manchester, England 05/07/2011

I have had a brilliant time. I didn't know it until i met you but a trip in the mountains on your motorbike was just what I wanted to do. I have smiled the whole way, I would love to go further but unfortunatley I don't have time. Nam Nguyen is a great guide, he is knowledgeable and a safe rider. If you read this and are not sure take a day trip with him. I have seen and experienced things that I would not have if i hadn't met Nam Nguyen. This is a definate highlight of my holiday and will be the part i remember most. Thanks so much, Jenny

Sophie et Philippe , Belgium – 19/08/2011

Bonjour a vous tous qui comme nous aurez l`occasion de lire ces commntaires dans ce book. Nous sommes partis pour 4 jours et3 nuits pour visiter sans doute comme vous le ferez les montagnes du centre vietnamien.
Ce fut une bonne experience,,,n`hesitez pas a exprimer vos choix et vous eviterez les pieges a touristes !!! Negociez egalement comme tous ,le jeu habituel du marchandage est a l`ordre du jour. Voyager avec ` Hoi An Easy Riders tour` a moto est un bon moyen de decouvrir,non seulement l`environnement mais egalement la vie et la culture des petits villages. Totalement differentes des villes! nos drivers,Dung et Nam sont serviables et si vous mettez bien vos conditions, vous pouvez leur faire confiance. Je vous vous souhaite un bon trip si vous decidez de partir avec eux.

Mathew Sophia from Ireland, 30-31/08/2011

This is a fantastic way to see the REAL Vietnam and experience the true culture of the Vietnamese people. We went with Nam along the Ho Chi Minh trail experiencing the jungle, forests, waterfalls and minority ethnic people along the way. We stayed in a village of Prao where we drank with the minority ethnic people of the village - a dynamite experience We also got to see the Hai Van pass first hand and the amazing scenery along the way. Nam showed us how rice paper is made and what real cinneman tastes like and what to try in Vietnam when we eat out. I would recommend this trip to anyone who wants to veer off the tourist trail and experience the real Vietnam first hand (on 2 wheels of course) Nam you are the man thank you for a awesome trip

Michi Matsumoto from Japan, 01-02/09/2011

I enjoyed Nam's driving motorbike as he drives safely.

He keeps 40 to 50 km per hour speed.I am a  70-years-old Japanese.

He knows good local hotels and good people. So, you can just rely on him. I reccommend to take his tour. Just book your tour on his web site,

Viet Nam – mit Nam für alle Sinne !

Wer von diesem wunderbaren und faszinierenden Land mehr sehen, riechen, hören, fühlen und erfahren möchte, als es weder mit einem Open-Tour-Bus noch mit dem sonst üblichen Moto-Taxi möglich ist, darüber hinaus mit den Einheimischen in Kontakt treten und Hintergrundwissen erwerben will, dementsprechend gerne abseits von breitgetrampelten Touristenpfaden unterwegs ist, der sollte dies mit Nam von den Hoi An Easy Riders unternehmen. Eine Fahrt mit ihm stellt ein Erlebnis der besonderen Art dar, das jeden Dollar wert ist. Und dies nicht zuletzt deshalb, weil diesem Unternehmen eine Organisation zur Unterstützung notleidender Kinder angeschlossen ist, an die ein großer Teil der zu entrichtenden Gebühren fließt und damit dieser Arbeit direkt zu Gute kommt. D.h. mit der Buchung einer Tour bei Nam sorgen wir nicht nur für unser eigenes Vergnügen, sondern tun gleichzeitig ein gutes Werk, für das man gerne den einen und anderen Euro hergeben sollte. Die umfassenden Infos zur Charity findet Ihr auf der Website der Hoi An Easy Riders. Nachlesen lohnt sich in jedem Fall ! Ich war als alleinreisende Frau unterwegs und wurde glücklicherweise von Nam in Hoi An auf der Straße angesprochen. Sonst wäre mir ein großartiges Highlight meiner Reise durch dieses Land entgangen. Anfangs noch skeptisch, aber aufgrund des sympathischen und souveränen Auftretens von Nam - verbunden mit seiner offenkundigen Kompetenz und Erfahrung sowie seinen verschiedenen Vorschlägen zur Gestaltung einer solchen Tour - ließen mein Bauchgefühl schnell ein klares "pro" entscheiden. Mit Sachverstand und Respekt vor meinen weiteren Reiseplanungen konnten wir die Details für eine gemeinsame Tour besprechen, die sich zu einer 3-tägigen Reise entwickelte. Von Hoi An aus ging es westwärts und unberührte Landschaften zogen bei dieser Fahrt an uns vorbei. Gerüche, die unsereins sonst nur aus dem Gewürzregal kennt, lauern entlang der Straße und neben der beeindruckenden Flora und Fauna begrüssten uns freundliche, zurückhaltende und äußerst liebenswerte Einheimische. Nam kennt sie scheinbar alle und es entsteht der Eindruck, als ob es sich um eine einzig große Familie, wo jeder jeden kennt und mit jedem spricht, handelt. Werte, die (zumindest in der deutschen Welt) nicht an jeder Ecke anzutreffen sind und die es wertzuschätzen gilt. Es ist ein absoluter Zugewinn auch an dieser Stelle über den eigenen Tellerrand hinauszuschauen und sich mit der vietnamesischen Kultur auseinanderzusetzen ! Nam ist nicht nur ein sehr netter, unterhaltsamer und fröhlicher Typ - aufgrund seiner Jahre langen Erfahrung in diesem Metier bringt er auch einfach die perfekten Voraussetzungen für einen Guide mit. Er kümmert sich um alles und ist ständig um das Wohlergehen seiner Gäste bemüht. Darüber hinaus ist er ein sehr vorsichtiger, vorausschauender und guter Fahrer. Ich habe mich - selbst beim heftig eintretenden Regen - zu jeder Zeit sicher und gut aufgehoben gefühlt. Mein Gepäck wurde routiniert verpackt und verstaut, das Bike präsentierte sich in einem verlässlichen Zustand und Nams verbindliches Wesen ließen keinerlei Unsicherheiten zu. Mit dieser Tour war pauschal ein Rundum-Sorglos-Paket gebucht und die Devise lautete nur noch "zulassen und genießen". Legt Vorbehalte und Misstrauen sowie Besorgnis und Gedanken, ob dies alles funktioniert, "rechtens" und sein Geld wert ist, beiseite. Lasst Euch von meiner Leidenschaft anstecken und der Erfahrung überzeugen, dass es ein einmaliges Erlebnis ist, sich für eine Tour mit Nam zu entscheiden. Er spricht gutes Englisch, kennt Land und Leute, ist seit Jahren passionierter Motorradfahrer und bringt eine große Portion Lebenserfahrung sowie ein hohes Verantwortungsbewusstsein mit. Seine Aussagen sind zuverlässig und er ist ein rundum vertrauenswürdiger Mensch. Mehr geht nicht und mein herzlichstes Dankeschön für diese fantastische Erfahrung geht uneingeschränkt an ihn. Eine Tour mit ihm - unabhängig ob nur ein oder mehrere Tage - ist in jedem Fall eine Bereicherung und das Geld der Reisekasse wert. Geht auf die Website "" und die letzten Zweifel werden ausgeräumt. Für mich war es lediglich die erste, nicht jedoch die letzte Tour mit den Hoi An Easy Riders. Neue Ideen für den nächsten Trip gibt es bereits und ich freue mich darauf, dies wieder zusammen mit Nam erleben zu können. Bis dahin wünsch ich ihm allzeit gute Fahrt und Euch allen viel Freude dabei !